Sat May 25th - 13th Annual 'Spikin' Space Jam' Co-ed 6's for The James Fund

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Start Date
May 25th 2024
End Date
May 25th 2024
Registration Deadline:
May 22nd 2024
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Start Date

May 25th 2024

End Date

May 25th 2024

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    **CASH PRIZE Spirit Awards**  Awarded for the team & individual with the MOST spirit & BEST outfits. Winners will be announced at the tournament & on socials - so be sure to come out in your best Astronaut or Alien outfit!

    It's time to get out of this world at Invado's 13th Annual 'Spikin' Space Jam' Co-ed 6's in support of The James Fund! Please join us on Saturday May 25th for a great day of volleyball, complete with great music, great people, separate divisions for players of ALL SKILL LEVELS - and all in support of a great cause!

    For those of you who don't know - Invado's affiliation with The James Fund began back in 2007 when we met the Birrell family, of Peterborough.  As parents with young children, we were heartbroken by the story of James Birrell, who was only 3 years old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma; a virtually incurable childhood cancer that attacks the central nervous system.

    Syd Birrell, James' father, was told by doctors that there was little they could do - not because medical treatments or medications were impossible to find, but because pharmaceutical companies didn't see large profits in manufacturing medications which could help neuroblastoma and other forms of childhood cancer.  Imagine having frustrated doctors tell you that your child was going to lose this very winnable battle because giant corporations didn't see enough profitability in your child's illness.  You'd probably try what Syd did.  He approached the researchers, himself, and asked how much it would take for the family to “buy” their own researcher.  Nobody had ever been asked such a question, so they threw out a very rough and approximate number, almost as a question: "Approximately $30,000?"  Pretty soon, the Birrells sat around their kitchen table with friends and organized a fundraiser that netted $30,000!  Syd reconnected with the lab and stated: “Here’s the money. Introduce me to my researcher"  - and the James Fund was born. 

    From those desperate, humble beginnings, The James Fund grew into the largest neuroblastoma funding group in Canada, and one of the largest dedicated to neuroblastoma in the world.  They have raised over $6,000,000, have been awarded the top prize for research in the field, and were even featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show - after which Tom Hanks called the family in Peterborough and offered his services as their official spokesperson (James' favourite movie was Apollo 13). They, also, established a blueprint that is now copied by countless family funds the world over.  On November 13, 2007, SickKids named the “James Birrell Laboratories”, where all neuroblastoma research at SickKids now takes place. The James Fund not only supports the labs at SicKids but also uses funds to support the children and families dealing with neuroblastoma.

    At the age of 8 and nearing the end of his all too short life, James promised that he would “always be fighting cancer.”  He urged his friends and family to keep working for a day when the scientists “figured it all out,” and no other little child would die from this dreadful disease. This is why we have been supporting The James Fund for over 13 years now and will continue to do so for years to come.  

    As with all Invado charity events, $50 from each team fee and $10 from each individual fee will be heading directly to the cause.  So, please register on your own, with a friend, or as a team (min. 2 females on the court at all times) for this amazing FULL DAY of volleyball (runs from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM) - featuring NON-TIMED matches!

    NOTE - the deadline is at MIDNIGHT on the Wednesday before the tourney...or until all the spots are gone again!

    Location: Maple Ridge S.S.
    Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (approx)
    Team Format: Co-ed 6's (at least 2 females on the court)
    Age Group: Adult (ages 16+)
    Net Height: Men's Height
    Tiered: Yes - separate pools for teams of all skill levels (rec-int-comp-elite)
    Tourney Format: full matches all day (non-timed games)
    Playoffs: tiered based on pool play - all teams qualify (best 2/3 format)
    MINIMUM # of Games: 3 matches or 6 FULL sets to 25 points (guaranteed)
    Roster Max: 9 players
    Prizes: Limited Edition Invado HOODIES 


  • Registration Details

    To register on your own, with a friend, or as a team be sure to complete our secure online payment process, where you can also let us know more about your preferred level of play and teammate requests, etc.  

Registration Deadline
May 22nd 2024

Age Group: Adult
Location: Maple Ridge Secondary School