Invado Volleyball is a small business dedicated to using the sport we all love to support local communities, charities, and causes.  We're proud and honoured to have you play with us and here's a little bit about how and why we started our journey.

Invado began in 2003, when a group of volleyball players, coaches, and teachers used their passion for volleyball as the impetus for a new and necessary venture.  Driving to far away cities to play in tournaments and leagues was becoming problematic and time-consuming.  Surely, a local league, east of Toronto, could be started for some of the area’s top players - and a portion of the proceeds could be used to support local causes and charities in need. The solution arrived in the form of our first-ever league; an indoor co-ed 4s offering at Courtice Secondary School in February of 2003 - it only had 6 teams and, pretty much, all of the participating players were friends of Invado owners.

Of course, a lot has changed since those early days and adding beach volleyball leagues, amazing staff, a clothing line, sponsorship deals, and strategic partnerships has allowed us to grow, significantly, over the years.  But, we never anticipated or expected that our little experiment from 2003 would end up with Invado being one of Canada’s largest indoor and beach volleyball league providers.  Despite our growth to new cities and locations, we’ve never strayed from our core mission – to run a business with a conscience, and to use our success to help fund worthy causes, charities, and organizations.  That’s why The James, Fund, SickKids, Children’s Wish, Movember Canada, local food banks, and Grandview Kids are organizations which we will always seek to support; they all provide amazing and unique services for the most vulnerable children, adults, and families in our communities.

None of what we’ve accomplished over the past several years would be possible without the amazing people, players, community partners, and staff we’ve been lucky enough to meet along the way.  We hope that you enjoy our events as much as we enjoy organizing them - and that you’ll be on the (beach and indoor) courts with us as, we continue to add new chapters to the Invado story.

It's been a fun ride, over the past 2 plus DECADES, and we owe it all to the amazing staff, players, and community partners with whom we've been fortunate enough to work & play.  We hope you love our events as much as we love organizing them, and that you'll be with us for the next 15 years...and more!

- Invado Volleyball