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Just a reminder that - as per the posted dates of play - we have no games scheduled this week.  So, enjoy your week without us - if that's even possible - and we'll see you when the leagues resume NEXT week!
- Invado VB




Start Date
April 15th 2024
End Date
May 27th 2024
Registration Closed
Registration Deadline:
April 10th 2024
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Start Date

April 15th 2024

End Date

May 27th 2024

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    NOTE - MAX leagues = 6 games a night, as opposed to our usual 4-game format!
    Let's face it - it's WAY too cold to play outside on the sand until June.  So, the race for spots in Invado's popular INDOOR 5-WEEK Spring Session - complete with separate tiers for players of ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS - is on!  Book your team or individual spot today & enjoy 5 weeks of fun - at a GREAT price - and milk every last drop of indoor fun before we all head out to the beach in June (beach league registration is opening up in March, by the way)!  Last spring, we turned away a tonne of teams & players, so be sure to sign up nice & early!

    Need a hand finding more players for your team?  No problem - register as an 'Individual' and we'll build a team with like-skilled players for you - OR - join our TEAM BUILDER FACEBOOK GROUP and find the player(s) or team you need today!
    DATES OF PLAY:  Apr 15 to *May 27  (*playoffs - all teams advance)
    DATES SKIPPED: Apr 22 & May 20
    LOCATION: Kingsway College
    • Number of Games Each Week: 6 timed games
    • Format: Indoor Co-ed 6s (teams must have at least 2 females on the court)
    • Divisions: Elite - Competitive - Intermediate - Recreational
    • Ages: 16 & older
    • Floating Tiers: Yes - ladder system where teams only see like-skilled opponents
    • Start Times: 7:45 & 9:15 PM (varies, depending on tier placement for the week)
    • Roster Maximum: 9
    • Music Played: Yes
  • Registration Details

    To register on your own, with a friend, or as a team, complete our secure online payment process, where you can also let us know more about your preferred level of play and teammate requests, etc.

Registration Closed
Registration Deadline
April 10th 2024

Age Group: Adult
Location: Kingsway College