Invado Beach League Weather Policy

We PLAY in rain, DELAY in lightning, & only CANCEL if abbreviated games can't be played before dark Share

1 month ago

Invado Volleyball weather policy beach volleyball

Please note that we PLAY in rain, DELAY in lightning, and only CANCEL the night if all remaining games cannot be played prior to sunset.  As a result, we rarely cancel a league night prior to 7:15 pm (as that is the latest time at which we could start a league night with abbreviated games for all teams).

We make every effort to delay rather than cancel (as spring/summer storms don't tend to last very long), so please be sure to follow us on X @ InvadoVB - like us on facebook @ Invado Vb - and follow us on Instagram today!  Those outlets are our primary and initial mode of keeping parents/players informed regarding the status of leagues when the weather is in question and allow us to communicate with everyone as instantly as possible.  We never cancel the evening prior to having 'eyes and ears' on the sand and - again - will only do so if an abbreviated (worthwhile) night can't be had.

While we make every effort to make up weather-related cancellations during the indoor Fall & Winter Sessions, our efforts in the Spring/Summer are limited by court, staff, and player availability (adding additional dates at the end of the schedule pushes the league end dates/playoffs, and that doesn't work very well during the busy summer months).  Playoff nights will always be made-up, of course.

If lightning is seen DURING a league night, conveners will ask that all participants get to the nearest and safest covered area (preferably a nearby building or vehicle).  Invado staff will let parents/players know when/if the evening will resume or be cancelled after a reasonable amount of time has passed.