Sun Mar 24 - SNOW-BALL 6s @ Brimacombe!


  • Beach Co-ed 6s rules are, essentially, the same as Indoor Co-ed 6s rules, unless otherwise stated.
  • PLAYER CONDUCT - teams and players are reminded to be respectful of opponents and Invado staff on-hand. We run our leagues (and you join them) to have a good time. Nasty incidents, rudeness, or taunting, etc. ruin the fun for everyone. If there is a serious dispute on the court, remember: a re-serve fixes everything and leaves the solution in the hands of the 'volleyball gods!' If there's an issue relating to our procedures, etc., please call our office at 1.877.9.INVADO or email us at
  • WEATHER POLICY - We play in rain, delay in lightning, and only cancel the night if all remaining games can't be played (in abbreviated 10-min time slots), before darknes

    We rarely cancel games before we have 'eyes & ears' on-location, so please plan to be at the courts in time for your games - EVEN IF THE FORECAST OR WEATHER LOOKS BLEAK!  Because summer storms don't usually last long, our staff report to the courts and will commence setup when/if the weather is safe.  If games are delayed or interrupted by an electrical storm (i.e. visible lightning), then players should wait in a car (not on the sand or under a tree) until an Invado staff member indicates that the night is ready to resume or is being cancelled.  Players are encouraged to follow us on Instagram, 'Like' us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, in order to find out the status of leagues when the weather is in question, as the night may be cancelled prior to the start of later time slots

    Please note, too, that due to the problems caused by moving playoff dates (particularly in the busy summer months), we are unable to make-up nights lost to unsafe weather and unable to offer refunds to players/teams for such occurrences.  We pay our staff and rental fees on cancelled nights, so we appreciate your understanding the need for this policy.  Of course, if a number of nights are lost in the same league, we'll do what we can to make-up as many games, as possible
  • Teams should arrange to switch sides throughout the match to accommodate for unfair wind and sun conditions (we recommend every 7 total points scored, as per official beach volleyball rules)
  • Games will be timed. Teams should keep playing until they hear the whistle, even after a team reaches 21 points (official beach games are to 21 points)
  • No ties are allowed!  Please serve out a final deciding point if the score is tied at the time of the game-ending whistle
  • Teams must be on time. Teams will lose 1 point for every minute they are late or unable to play after the game begins. If a team is late or unable to play for more than 7 minutes - the opposing team will receive the forfeit victory
  • The league runs rain or shine, however lightning = cancellation. Please report to the beach EVEN IF THE FORECAST IS CALLING FOR LIGHTNING. League play will not be cancelled in advance of the scheduled start time. As storms generally pass quickly, start times will likely be delayed/shortened. If the storm does not pass by 7:15pm, the evening will be cancelled and not re-scheduled (unless on a playoff night)
  • Teams should arrange to switch sides throughout the match to accommodate for unfair wind and sun conditions (we recommend every 7 total points scored, as per official beach volleyball rules)
  • WINNING teams must report their result to the league convener at the scorers' table
  • All teams must have 2 females on the court at all times. Any team missing a female must utilize the "6-0 rule," whereby the opposing team starts the game with a score of 6-0. Teams may also borrow a maximum of 2 players from other teams sitting off (not in the playoffs, however)
  • No females on the court = a default loss
  • No team may play with more than 4 males on the court at any time - even if a female player is missing
  • Players are not permitted to block or attack (spike) the opponent's serve in any way
  • No contact with the net is permitted - please call yur own net violations (honesty cuts down on the disputes that can ruin everyone's night)
  • Teams must rotate serve and positions on the court in beach 6s
  • Serves that hit the net and roll over are in play
  • If the ball lands on or touches the line - it is considered to be in the court
  • The rally-point scoring system is in-effect (point awarded after each rally)
  • There is NO 5-serve rule in effect
  • Tips are allowed in Co-ed 6s Beach Volleyball (considered bad etiquette when playing against 4 or fewer players)
  • Blocks or partial blocks are NOT COUNTED as a touch (unlike beach 4s or 2s volleyball)
  • There is an assumed attack line on the beach in Co-ed 6s, so only 3 players are considered to be in the 'front court,' while the other 3 players are 'back court' players. Only front-court players may block or spike the ball at the net
  • Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. Invado also awards additional points for games played (win or lose) in higher tiers. This is to ensure that a team with a 2-2 record in Tier 1 (the top tier) is not tied in the standings with a team with a similar record in Tier 3 (the lowest tier). The standings seen on the site are the 'true' standings. A team may have a better win/loss record than another team but may still be lower in the standings due to more games played in lower tiers. Check for weekly standings and schedules.
  • There are no referees, so - again - please handle any disputes with a re-serve
  • Because there is no centre line on the beach, players are permitted to cross under the net in beach volleyball as long as no contact is made with an opposing player
  • Teams must keep track of the game score. Please, frequently call out the score or use the flip cards provided to avoid disputes
  • Only players listed on official rosters at will be considered as league eligible
  • Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the e-waiver.  Teams with greyed-out players run the risk of having all of their games recorded as forfeit losses
  • Captains can login to their accounts at in order to add players instantly, re-send e-waivers, and monitor the status of teammate e-waiver completion
  • All teams advance to league playoffs on the final night of play, each session
  • Players are only permitted to play on ONE team on playoff night (unless prior approval has been granted by Invado admin)
  • Playoff eligible players must be listed on the team's official roster at
  • All players must be able to produce photo ID on playoff night, should a 'roster challenge' be issued (so please bring photo identification on playoff night - just in case)
  • Playoff matches are never timed and, usually, follow a best 2 of 3 format - only winning teams move on until champions are crowned for each tier!