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It's finally PLAYOFF TIME!  Check out the following important reminders and updates and click the link below to view your detailed playoff schedule...
  • PLAYOFF SETS ARE PLAYED TO 25 POINTS (no caps, teams must win by at least 2 points)
  • TIE BREAK SETS (5th sets, if necessary) will be played to 15 POINTS (again, no caps)
  • NO NEW FACES ALLOWED ON PLAYOFF NIGHT and only players listed on official rosters are permitted to play (bring photo ID - just in case)
  • please call your own net infractions/violations (it makes for long & conflict-filled nights when players don't call their own faults)
  • prizes awarded to the winner of each tier (remember to stick around for your winning team pic if you win!)
5-WEEK SPRING SESSION ADULT & YOUTH LEAGUES (in Apr & May in Woodbridge) & BEACH LEAGUES (from Jun to Aug in Markham) ARE AVAILABLE your spot with us indoors and on the sand RIGHT HERE! (FYI - we've got a tonne of T&C (Theme & Charity) TOURNEYS coming up, too...check out what we're serving up near you RIGHT HERE!)
Thanks to each of you for joining us this session - & may the best teams win!




Start Date
February 1st 2024
End Date
April 18th 2024
Registration Closed
Registration Deadline:
January 30th 2024
Age Group:
Start Date

February 1st 2024

End Date

April 18th 2024

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    NOTE - MAX leagues = 6 games a night, as opposed to our usual 4-game format!

    The weather is getting colder, but the volleyball will be getting a whole lot HOTTER as Invado's Winter Session is now available and set to begin in January!  So sign up on your own, with a friend, or as a team - at YOUR preferred level of play - before the registration deadline (and before we sell out AGAIN) and enjoy great music, great staff, and a tonne of FUN with Canada's biggest & best league provider!

    Need a hand finding more players for your team?  No problem - register as an 'Individual' and we'll build a team with like-skilled players for you - OR - join our TEAM BUILDER FACEBOOK GROUP and find the player(s) or team you need today!

    DATES OF PLAY: Feb 1 to *Apr 18 (*playoffs - all teams advance)
    DATES SKIPPED: Mar 14, Feb 15 (snow storm)
    LOCATION:  Woodbridge Sports Dome
    • Number of Games Each Night: 6 timed games
    • Format: Indoor Co-ed 6s (teams must have at least 2 females on the court)
    • Divisions: Elite - Competitive - Intermediate - Recreational
    • Ages: 16 & older
    • Floating Tiers: Yes - ladder system where teams only see like-skilled opponents
    • Start Times: 7:00 PM each week
    • Roster Maximum: 9
    • Music Played: Yes
  • Registration Details

    To register on your own, with a friend, or as a team, complete our secure online payment process, where you can also let us know more about your preferred level of play and teammate requests, etc.

Registration Closed
Registration Deadline
January 30th 2024

Age Group: Adult
Location: Woodbridge Sports Dome