Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Vo Gazo

Player Name Gender
Joseph M. Male
Antonio D. Male
Caroll I. Female
Ylenia V. Female
Filip D. Male
LeighAnn G. Female
Sandeep N. Male
Zoey S. Female
Daniel K. Male

Notorious DIG

Player Name Gender
Eric W. Male
Marissa D. Female
Michelle C. Female
Daniel C. Male
David Patrick B. Male
Peter J. Male

Team D

Player Name Gender
Jenn B. Female
Sean M. Male
Jamie T. Female
Melissa P. Female
Paula P. Female
Mario D. Male
Alana J. Female

Big Tippers

Player Name Gender
Aristo A. Male
David C. Male
Natalie E. Female
Winston H. Male
Erosha A. Female
Monique R. Female
Meaghan M. Female

Team C

Player Name Gender
Dylan M. Male
Ryan B. Male
Jeshurun A. Male
Stephanie N. Female
Tayler M. Male
Laura L. Female
Rayaan H. Female

GEN X to Z

Player Name Gender
Madeleine R. Female
Shane R. Male
Kevin L. Male
Rachelle V. Female
Karen E. Female
Joseph G. Male
Peter G. Male
Roy R. Male

Loxapine 50

Player Name Gender
Andrew Z. Male
Melissa B. Female
Mackenzie B. Female
Gary B. Male
Justin B. Male
Kevin C. Male
Matilda C. Female
Tristan F. Male
Joshua P. Male

Team B

Player Name Gender
Kerry-Ann W. Female
Tracy D. Female
James W. Male
Andre M. Male
Mathieu D. Male
Jamaal B. Male

Kiss My Ace

Player Name Gender
Hayden A. Male
Pat M. Male
Amanda B. Female
Chantelle B. Female
Jamie L. Male
Ryan A. Male

Bump Set Woah

Player Name Gender
Katarina Z. Female
Katie M. Female
Samantha H. Female
Shaunya W. Female
Erin C. Female
Chris F. Male
Darren N. Male
Carolina K. Female
Lauren H. Female