Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Bite Me

Player Name Gender
Jenna M. Female
Andrew C. Male
Greg H. Male
Sarah R. Female
Shari M. Female

The Turf Burns

Player Name Gender
Kyle R. Male
Marilyn L. Female
Duane L. Male
Jo-Anne L. Female
Dejan L. Male
Cassie R. Female

Thug Lyfe

Player Name Gender
Aminah P. Female
Tasneem P. Female
Christien K. Male
Tayler M. Male

MSBY Black Jackals

Player Name Gender
Lieng H. Male
Elaine Y. Female
Jeremy C. Male
Joenel C. Male
John Michael C. Male
Jereena O. Female
JIA Y. Female

Team B

Player Name Gender
Nathanael M. Male
Erik J. Male
Zuby S. Male
Amina S. Female
Zara S. Female
Suzanne W. Female

Team A

Player Name Gender
Trey O. Male
Taylor B. Female
Julia V. Female
Shaun K. Male
Renee F. Female

Team C

Player Name Gender
Leigha F. Female
Ovi M. Male
Rachelle V. Female
Milan P. Male

Kiss My Ace

Player Name Gender
Karl E. Male
Heather Y. Female
Anna D. Female
Hussein B. Male
Lauren A. Female