Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Wilsons return

Player Name Gender
Aimee O. Female
Geoff A. Male
Jessica A. Female
Lauren C. Female
Paulo S. Male
Sage C. Male
Coby F. Male

The Empire Spikes Back

Player Name Gender
Danielle H. Female
Dennis L. Male
Jake S. Male
Taryn S. Female
Jacob C. Male
Chris N. Male
Rachel B. Female
Devon H. Male

Serves Me Right

Player Name Gender
Alisha E. Female
Casey B. Male
Dennis H. Male
Evan B. Male
Jay A. Male
Michael F. Male
Sylvia D. Female
Hanah M. Female
Sam S. Female
Caleb O. Male

Volley Llamas

Player Name Gender
Brad G. Male
Cait D. Female
Dustin D. Male
Erin G. Female
Erin M. Female
Kaz N. Male
Kristie M. Female
Kevin M. Male


Player Name Gender
Brittany S. Female
Cam H. Male
Corey F. Male
Cory B. Male
Dave D. Male
Juliana B. Female
Kasper S. Male
Brookelynn I. Female

Setters of Catan

Player Name Gender
Thomas S. Male
Morgan B. Female
Addison H. Male
Sarah M. Female
Wil C. Male
Mike B. Male
Meghan T. Female
Caleigh B. Female

Bump, Set, Spiked

Player Name Gender
Melody S. Female
Burton L. Male
Emily D. Female
Katharine B. Female
Dalyn H. Male
Jordan S. Male

Team B

Player Name Gender
Graeme P. Male
Krystien W. Male
David D. Male
Tyler H. Male
JINEEN V. Female
Katelyn C. Female
Terry P. Male

Team A

Player Name Gender
Brooke H. Female
Mack B. Male
Logan L. Female
Michael S. Male
Ryan S. Male
Logan M. Male
Agatha S. Female

2 Legit 2 Hit

Player Name Gender
Brianna B. Female
Cameron H. Male
Jessica B. Female
Josh G. Male
Kori Z. Female
Jessica J. Female
Amy W. Female
Eoin W. Male

Spikological warfare

Player Name Gender
Brianne B. Female
Chris B. Male
David Y. Male
Josh L. Male
Sharolyn H. Female
Peter W. Male
Brett B. Male

Wendy Stylin Bumps and Bruises

Player Name Gender
Wendy L. Female
Nathan L. Male
Sarah L. Female
Kayla L. Female
Trevor L. Male
Heather G. Female
Tyler L. Male
Rick L. Male

Sloppy Sets

Player Name Gender
Annette P. Female
Augustus C. Male
Caitlin C. Female
Cheyenne B. Female
Angela H. Female
Maddie P. Female
Trevor S. Male
Kendra S. Female
Melissa H. Female

Court surfers

Player Name Gender
Anita H. Female
Bill M. Male
Katie B. Female
Geoff B. Male
Kelly M. Female
Krissy H. Female
Kristen B. Female
Katie B. Female

Dirty Sets

Player Name Gender
Amy T. Female
Shelley I. Female
Brian F. Male
Mike H. Male
Carm F. Female
Cody W. Male
Dylan B. Male
Natasha P. Female
Samantha C. Female

How I Set Your Mother

Player Name Gender
Pearl D. Female
Caroline F. Female
Cole W. Male
Maddy C. Female
Matt H. Male
Jane F. Female
Bianca F. Female

Scare You Hitless

Player Name Gender
Liz R. Female
Andy H. Male
Andrew R. Male
Katie S. Female
Michelle S. Female
Tyler K. Male
Sean W. Male

We always get it up

Player Name Gender
Angel B. Female
Flip M. Male
Hayley H. Female
Miranda P. Female
Sang .. Male
John W. Male
Dave N. Male
Anthony F. Male