Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Over 1 Million Served

Player Name Gender
Ken E. Male
Theresa B. Female
Kristine B. Female
Chris M. Male
Sandi R. Female
Dan M. Male
Shawn P. Male

Kiss My Ace

Player Name Gender
Angel B. Female
Brad N. Male
Clare D. Male
Lisa K. Female
Robert K. Male
Sean K. Female
Tom C. Male
Jamie K. Male

Spike Tysons

Player Name Gender
Bradley V. Male
Jacob C. Male
Jason J. Male
Alida G. Female
Darryl V. Male
Kate L. Female
Lisa P. Female
Melissa V. Female

Feed the Wolves

Player Name Gender
Jake B. Male
Ben C. Male
Mitch D. Male
Jess B. Female
Kory O. Male
Alycia B. Female
Hannah P. Female
James B. Male


Player Name Gender
Alexandra D. Female
Matt B. Male
Jessica M. Female
Carlos R. Male
Jackie C. Female
Uwe D. Male
Aidan L. Male


Player Name Gender
Cam H. Male
Corey F. Male
Cory B. Male
Dave D. Male
Juliana B. Female
Kasper S. Male
Kristin J. Female
Brookelynn I. Female
Mat C. Male

COVID Block Party

Player Name Gender
Trevor R. Male
Caleb A. Male
Kenzie L. Female
Casey G. Female
Sarah G. Female
Kaitlin G. Female

Net Ninjas

Player Name Gender
Brienne D. Female
Matt D. Male
Cole W. Male
Karen M. Female
Sam T. Female
Melissa H. Female
Katie A. Female

We Pay For Sets

Player Name Gender
Corey D. Male
Kyle M. Male
Braden L. Male
Liz D. Female
Melissa D. Female
Joshua V. Male

Little Bean’s Team

Player Name Gender
Claire S. Female
Mel A. Female
Dan M. Male
Jordan R. Male
Jeff C. Male
Jonathan T. Male
Ben P. Male

The Empire Spikes Back

Player Name Gender
Brandon E. Male
Dennis L. Male
Samantha W. Female
Jacob C. Male
Jamie C. Male
Rachel B. Female
Devon H. Male
Kelly L. Female


Player Name Gender
Noah M. Male
Jessica A. Female
Waverly P. Female
Benjamin P. Male
Jordan C. Male
Michael M. Male
Debbie H. Female

Bump A Clot

Player Name Gender
Anthony F. Male
Flip M. Male
Christian G. Male
Jessica L. Female
Jenny W. Female
David N. Male

Block Party

Player Name Gender
Nat S. Female
Tyler G. Male
Curtis T. Male
Liana B. Female
Trevor M. Male
Les S. Male
Taylor H. Female

Comin in quick

Player Name Gender
Cameron V. Male
Javier H. Male
Jake E. Male
Alex R. Female
Mariya A. Female
Johnathan N. Male

Spikological Warfare

Player Name Gender
Brianne B. Female
Chris B. Male
David Y. Male
Josh L. Male
Sharolyn H. Female
Brett B. Male
Cody H. Male
Natalie H. Female
TJ R. Male

Shoeless Toes

Player Name Gender
Will C. Male
Kirk S. Male
Darcy H. Female
Dan S. Male
Tiffany D. Female
Josh A. Male
Rebecca V. Female
Louise C. Female
Morgan B. Female


Player Name Gender
Thomas S. Male
Morgan B. Female
Meg C. Female
Stuart S. Male
Chris O. Male
Caleigh B. Female

Safe sets

Player Name Gender
Josh E. Male
Sierra E. Female
Juidy L. Female
Nick W. Male
Andrew P. Male
James E. Male


Player Name Gender
Jeff C. Male
Amanda R. Female
Trevor R. Male
Erin M. Female
Dylan W. Male
Jackie B. Female
Jackie B. Female

Serves You Right

Player Name Gender
Laura M. Female
Griffin R. Male
Harley J. Female
Tim R. Male
Payton R. Female
Jeremy M. Male
Tyler D. Male
Teresa M. Female
Noah B. Male
Marc M. Male