Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team C

Player Name Gender
March B. Male
Nick D. Male
Joseph D. Male
Colleen B. Female
James D. Male
Alex R. Female

The tragically hit

Player Name Gender
Scott W. Male
Bryce D. Male
Tonya H. Female
Blake H. Male
David J. Male
Elizabeth D. Female
Stephanie P. Female
Taryn W. Female
Steve W. Male

Ball Fondlers

Player Name Gender
Drew C. Male
Annie F. Female
Alexis F. Female
Chris M. Male
Alex D. Female
Gage C. Male
Warren F. Male

Kings Court

Player Name Gender
Dana H. Female
Lindsay B. Female
Lisa R. Female
Lynn S. Female
Ron A. Male
Terry F. Male
Gord B. Male
Ryan C. Male
Ana S. Female

Bumpin Uglies

Player Name Gender
Brittany N. Female
Rob A. Male
Josh H. Male
Josh N. Male
Kellie M. Female
Mitch D. Male
Mary H. Female
Adam D. Male

Bread crumbs

Player Name Gender
Kyle D. Male
Niki M. Female
Danielle C. Female
Adam T. Male
Alicia B. Female
Andrea K. Female

Volley Llamas

Player Name Gender
Mark B. Male
Aaron P. Male
Tyler S. Male
Cameron F. Male
Valerie D. Female

Pitter Patter

Player Name Gender
Kayla W. Female
John D. Male
Brianna M. Female
Alayna R. Female
James R. Male
Julian D. Male

Ace Holes

Player Name Gender
Darcey H. Female
Jeremy H. Male
Luke F. Male
Christina L. Female
Francisco L. Male
Josiah A. Male
Daniel R. Male

Some Spike it HOT!

Player Name Gender
Brock E. Male
Dan L. Male
Joe K. Male
Jenny G. Female
Pete M. Male
Sara L. Female
Jennifer K. Female
Holden A. Male

Setting Ducks

Player Name Gender
Alex G. Male
Dakota M. Female
Kayla G. Female
Ryan H. Male
Chris P. Male
Tyler A. Male
Kile B. Male
Rob G. Male
Megan M. Female

Legion of Bubz

Player Name Gender
Tracy M. Female
Chris D. Male
Abe A. Male
Stephanie H. Female
Frederic C. Male
Michael M. Male
Francois B. Male
Irayza S. Female

Team B

Player Name Gender
Chris S. Male
Steve D. Male
Nadine D. Female
Jeremy D. Male
Chelsea T. Female
Peter T. Male

Smash Bros'

Player Name Gender
Brandy P. Female
Bryan C. Male
Dale M. Male
Jason P. Male
Kate K. Female
Will K. Male
Nick K. Male

Thug Lyfe

Player Name Gender
Danielle P. Female
Christein K. Male
Erik J. Male
Nick H. Male
Tasneem P. Female

L.A.Z.Z.A.R. Beams

Player Name Gender
Zuby S. Male
Amechi S. Male
Lisa P. Female
Rebekah S. Female
Amina S. Female
Zara S. Female