Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team B

Player Name Gender
Melina P. Female
March B. Male
Erica L. Female
Julie G. Female
Tayler M. Male

Last Picks

Player Name Gender
Carley S. Female
Chris T. Male
Dylan W. Male
Erin M. Female
Harley M. Male
Jacob C. Male
Skyler B. Female

Spankin Aces

Player Name Gender
Bradly H. Male
Matt J. Male
Dylan M. Male
Jenna S. Female
Nicole S. Female
Tyler S. Male
Zach T. Male
Jamie A. Female

Smells Like Sets

Player Name Gender
Chris V. Male
John S. Male
Mally K. Female
Shane G. Male
Shaun W. Male
Patrick W. Male
Poonam S. Female
Talisa D. Female

IV leaguers

Player Name Gender
Nicole B. Female
Scott W. Male
Jamila J. Female
Kim W. Female
Andrea W. Female
Elizabeth D. Female
Danielle F. Female

Unprotected sets

Player Name Gender
Justin S. Male
Stephanie H. Female
Rachel M. Female
Micayla S. Female
Michelle G. Female
Cory D. Male
Kim B. Female

Heads Up

Player Name Gender
Hugh M. Male
Julie P. Female
Pete M. Male
Sarah K. Female
Lynn G. Female
Wei-Hsi P. Male
Pete W. Male


Player Name Gender
Jory B. Male
Peter M. Male
Matt J. Male
Aaron P. Male
Taylor W. Female
Jennifer G. Female
Kayla M. Female
Steve D. Male

Flash Bang

Player Name Gender
Aidan M. Male
Mitch H. Male
Rebecca C. Female
Rhiannin A. Female
Steve H. Male
Taylor B. Female
Timothy B. Male
Carly M. Female
Corbin D. Male

Hit and Miss

Player Name Gender
Eric E. Male
Frank S. Male
Leanna L. Female
Lynn S. Female
Sue B. Female
Trevor L. Male
Tim S. Male

Fire From the Gods

Player Name Gender
Cathy G. Female
Claudia C. Female
Diogenes B. Male
Elena M. Female
Mike M. Male
Nicola N. Female
Zach K. Male
James G. Male
Luke S. Male


Player Name Gender
Alberto H. Male
Alex H. Male
Jessica J. Female
Kristin H. Female
Matt D. Male
Jamie B. Male


Player Name Gender
Ashley F. Female
Courtney L. Female
Derek D. Male
Jay A. Male
Shawn S. Male
Steve F. Male
Corey T. Male
Ashley A. Female
Jen M. Female

Team A

Player Name Gender
Krystal P. Female
Leigha F. Female
Kerim K. Male
Kirk S. Male
Mark G. Male
Daniel P. Male

Big Hitties

Player Name Gender
Jennifer C. Female
Kathryn M. Female
Stefanie S. Female
Kevin M. Male
Kalvin L. Male
Lyndsey E. Female
Jacob H. Male

2 Legit 2 Hit

Player Name Gender
Derek S. Male
Jarod W. Male
Joey S. Male
Moulica D. Female
Tayler M. Male
Corri F. Female