Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!


Player Name Gender
Andre H. Male
Brock P. Male
Julia J. Female
Mike B. Male
Rachel M. Female
Mike D. Male

Team B

Player Name Gender
Isaac N. Male
Kevin C. Male
Kelly S. Female
Brad D. Male
Ryan S. Male
Danielle W. Female

Team A+

Player Name Gender
Andre S. Male
Hayley S. Female
Amanda R. Female
Amanda C. Female
Simon W. Male
Clinton A. Male
Alessandro C. Male
Justin F. Male
Stephanie S. Female


Player Name Gender
Ryan B. Male
Jonny C. Male
Kaiela A. Female
Mack H. Male
Steffan L. Male
Taylor S. Male
Joanna W. Female

Balls Deep

Player Name Gender
Mathew S. Male
Jessica W. Female
Michelle A. Female
Rachael H. Female
Wes B. Male
Matthew H. Male
Steven W. Male
Greg P. Male

Lookin to Score

Player Name Gender
Carolyn S. Female
Kelly N. Female
Jon V. Male
Kristie R. Female
Matt D. Male
Rob E. Male
Sarah E. Female
Alisha D. Female
Chris N. Male


Player Name Gender
Chris G. Male
David W. Male
Laurie B. Female
Ryan S. Male
Tammy R. Female
Chris S. Male
Amber K. Female

Team C

Player Name Gender
Shane W. Male
Dorota S. Female
Ryan M. Male
Steph M. Female
Mitch G. Male
Don M. Male
Christina B. Female


Player Name Gender
Alex S. Male
Chad B. Male
Dorinda W. Female
Justin C. Male
Neil Y. Male
Renata S. Female
Alex Y. Male

Multiple Scoregasms

Player Name Gender
Ryan S. Male
Jamie W. Male
Miranda H. Female
Lindsay P. Female
Andy D. Male
Sarah M. Female
David M. Male
Shawn M. Male

Court 1

Player Name Gender
Maria C. Male
Andrea B. Female
Devon G. Female
Marcello C. Male
Brandon M. Male
Michael S. Male

Set On My Face

Player Name Gender
Danielle P. Female
Neil J. Male
Lindsay J. Female
Chris O. Male
Andrew M. Male
Matt L. Male
Natasha K. Female
Rebecca D. Female