Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team A

Player Name Gender
Brynna M. Female
Paul M. Male
Jeffery P. Male
Jonathan T. Male
Nadia P. Female

Retro Players

Player Name Gender
Mitch G. Male
Tanya A. Female
Melissa S. Female
Romayne R. Female
Megan M. Female
Ross E. Male

Sand Everywhere

Player Name Gender
Alanna M. Female
Rick S. Male
Mellissa S. Female
John M. Male
Ryan M. Male
Paul M. Male

Bumpin’ Uglies

Player Name Gender
Sarah P. Female
Julia H. Female
John H. Male
Jacob C. Male

Big Boyz

Player Name Gender
Emily B. Female
Eric B. Male
Katrina V. Female
Josiah A. Male

Set you straight

Player Name Gender
Leigha F. Female
Cecil T. Male
Kevin N. Male
Sherry N. Female

spicy spikes

Player Name Gender
Sergio G. Male
Kara W. Female
Jana G. Female
Sara L. Female
Nicholas B. Male

Big Hitties

Player Name Gender
Aminah P. Female
Julia V. Female
Andrew H. Male
Christien J. Male
Matt G. Male


Player Name Gender
Taylor B. Female
Shelby B. Female
Alex R. Male
Kevin B. Male

Team Blue

Player Name Gender
Brandon I. Male
Evan W. Male
Keeva F. Female
Kristian W. Male
Kyle W. Male
Marlyn H. Female
Steph M. Female
Brittany S. Female


Player Name Gender
Trenten W. Male
Hannah A. Female
Erik J. Male
Georgi W. Female

Bite Me

Player Name Gender
Shari M. Female
Sarah R. Female
Jenna M. Female
Greg H. Male
Andrew C. Male