Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team B

Player Name Gender
Donald M. Male
Amy M. Female
Leigh P. Male
Paul M. Male
Dustin D. Male
Lesley A. Female

Just the tip

Player Name Gender
Bryce D. Male
Tonya H. Female
Blake H. Male
Stephanie P. Female
Scott W. Male
Jamila J. Female
Elizabeth D. Female
Kiara S. Female

You Got Served

Player Name Gender
Cathy M. Female
Dianne A. Female
Jacquie B. Female
Janice K. Female
Lisa H. Female
Rob K. Male
Tracey K. Female
Jeremy K. Male
Julie K. Female

Big Tippers

Player Name Gender
Ryan M. Male
Shane W. Male
Aaron P. Male
Steve D. Male
Lindsay C. Female
Steph M. Female


Player Name Gender
Andre H. Male
Ashley K. Female
Brock P. Male
Mike B. Male
Rachel M. Female
Mike D. Male
Julia J. Female
Ryan C. Male

Smash Mouth

Player Name Gender
Tyler M. Male
Brianna M. Female
James R. Male
John D. Male
Kayla W. Female
Janna H. Female
Julian D. Male

Team A

Player Name Gender
Neil H. Male
Mark B. Male
Heather B. Female
Adam V. Male
Erica L. Female
Simon R. Male

Bump & Grind

Player Name Gender
Kaiela A. Female
Jessie W. Female
Mack H. Male
Ryan B. Male
Taylor S. Male
Zisis N. Male
Joanna W. Female

Unprotected Sets

Player Name Gender
Mike H. Male
Kathryn M. Female
Jaclyn P. Female
Derek H. Male
Alana T. Female
Nathan K. Male
Taryn N. Female

Balls Deep

Player Name Gender
Matthew H. Male
Jess W. Female
Wes B. Male
Devin G. Male
Kelly K. Female
Rachael H. Female

Donald Bump

Player Name Gender
Andrew L. Male
Conner H. Male
Leah E. Female
Natasha B. Female
Eric F. Male
Leah V. Female
Robert C. Male


Player Name Gender
Laurie B. Female
Chris S. Male
Tammy R. Female
Andrew S. Male
Adam K. Male
Kristian C. Male
Andrea K. Female
Amber K. Female

Volley Llamas

Player Name Gender
Emily C. Female
Chris D. Male
Jonny C. Male
Steffan L. Male
Alex D. Female
Carla E. Female
Josh E. Male

High hitters

Player Name Gender
Andrea M. Female
David P. Male
Kaleigh W. Female
Laura B. Female
Melissa M. Female
Susan M. Female
Sarah P. Female

That's what she set

Player Name Gender
Karen G. Female
Pam M. Female
Dorota S. Female
Matt S. Male
Kevin J. Male
Craig B. Male
Tayler M. Male
Jesse R. Male
Julian N. Female
Tammy H. Female

Court Hogs

Player Name Gender
Angela H. Female
Lee W. Male
Jensen W. Male
Adam C. Male
Silvia R. Female
Roger I. Male