Last Updated: Dec 2018

Team Registrations & Payment

When registering a team, the team captain must provide the following information:

  • Name and valid email address for each player listed on the roster (via email)
  • A valid number of team members depending on the format signing up for. Eg. Co-ed 6s would require 4 males and 2 females when registering. These requirements will be posted prior to each registration. Note: only players listed on your roster will be eligible to play.
  • Full payment is required online upon registration. Payment must be made online, over the phone, or via e-transfer (instructions posted on each event page)

Captains may login to their account at www.invado.ca anytime before specified 'Roster Freeze Dates' & update rosters as required.  Newly added/edited players will receive a copy of the e-waiver in their inbox (please check spam folders, as well)

Registration Cancellations

All cancellations must be documented in an email sent to info@invado.ca. Cancellation requests must be submitted by team captains.

  • If a team or individual cancels prior to the registration deadline a FULL refund will be provided with the exception of an administrative fee of $50 for a team or $10 for an individual.
  • If a team or individual cancels after the registration deadline and before the start of the event no cash refunds are provided but a 50% credit for future registration is provided which is valid for one year.
  • If a team or individual cancels after the start of an event no refund or credit will be provided.

Games get cancelled for safety reasons only. Invado still has to pay for facility rental, set up and take down of equipment, staffing costs, and any other costs associated with running our leagues.

It is our current policy that we do not refund for cancellations beyond our control (for example, weather) We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your team.

Player Eligibility
  • During the regular season, ANYONE can play for another team as long as:
    1. they are listed on a team roster (and have replied appropriately to the E-Waiver)
    2.  - Players must attend a minimum of 1 league night in order to be eligible for playoff games. Ie. No ringers.
  • Teams that use players who are not listed on a team roster may be subject to default and/or ejection from the league. Please respect this rule.

Teams must meet the minimum requirements (these requirements will be posted for each league); otherwise they are in a default situation.

Invado Volleyball may allow an exhibition game to take place between the two teams involved if they both agree, and if the schedule permits.


E-Waivers forms must be replied to appropriately via email by all members to validate their participation with Invado Volleyball.  Waiver forms (on paper) will also be available on the first league night as a last resort for players to read and initial. Waivers are only valid for one session or event.


Schedules will be posted at least 24 hours prior to the game time on our website at www.invado.ca. Team Captains will be notified if there are any problems with scheduling (eg. cancellations) and expected to notify their own team. Invado Volleyball is not required to reschedule any games that teams cannot attend due to other commitments. We will be unable to reschedule any games cancelled due to weather or unplanned school events/circumstances.

Divisions of Play

Invado Volleyball reserves the right to move teams or individuals up or down divisions if their level of ability differs from the standard of that division. For example, we will move teams/individuals down a division if their skill level is substantially below that required for that division. Conversely, we will move teams/individuals up a division if their ability level is substantially greater than that of the other teams in that division.

Player Contact Information

Invado Volleyball will not provide any personal information to anyone without written consent from the individual. It is the responsibility of the teams to exchange information among themselves and Invado Volleyball will not provide that information.

Foul Weather Indoor Leagues

Unless the School Board or School we are using cancels the permit, all games should be considered on. If the permit is cancelled, it will be posted on our website, and Team Captains will also be notified. It is their responsibility to relay this information to their teams.

Foul Weather Outdoor Leagues

Invado Volleyball will not cancel in advance any games due to weather. If weather is suspect, coordinators reserve the right to make the decision to continue or call the games at the playing field. For beach volleyball, games are never cancelled prior to 6:45pm and will only be cancelled at the beach or court location.

In the event of severe weather (electrical storms etc.) outdoor games should immediately be stopped and players should take cover away from open spaces. Wait 15 minutes; if the severe weather passes, continue play. If it does not, the games are cancelled and no results will count towards the overall standings.


Invado Volleyball coordinators keep track of game results on site. Team captains are responsible for ensuring that results are correctly recorded. If there are any concerns with the published results on www.invado.ca please direct your enquiry to natasha@invado.ca

League Standings

Wins are worth 2 points and losses are worth 1 point. If it is a timed game, and it is a tie when the whistle blows, teams must play out the final point. Ties in the final standings will first be decided by head-to-head play. In Tiered leagues, standings will also be determined by number of games played in each tier. Standings are always updated and posted on our website. Please email natasha@invado.ca if you see any discrepancies.


ALL teams in Invado Volleyball leagues play in the playoffs. Playoff formats will be announced well in advance and regular season standings will count towards seeding. In order to play on playoff nights players must have attended a minimum of 3 regular season games for that team (one night's worth of matches).

League Prizing

League prizes are awarded on the night of the playoffs. Invado Volleyball reserves the right to determine prizing and prizing allotment to teams at their own discretion.

Minimum Age Requirements

Unless stated otherwise, players must be a minimum of 18 years of age to participate in any Invado Volleyball league, tournament or event (Youth programs excepted).  Players may participate below the specified age, however full parental/guardian permission must be expressed in writing (via Individual Waiver Form) and submitted prior to any games being played.

First aid

Invado Volleyball will endeavour to always have staff on site with First Aid/CPR certification. In the event that this is not possible, coordinators are not permitted or authorized by Invado Volleyball to perform first aid. If the injury is serious enough, the coordinator will call for an ambulance and encourage the player to go to the nearest hospital. For all injuries, the coordinator is required to fill out an accident report to be signed by the coordinator, the injured player and one witness. There may be a first-aid kit available at most locations (ice packs, tensors, band aids, athletic tape) but Invado Volleyball is not responsible for providing it.

Blood During Games

If anyone begins to bleed during a game, they must leave the playing area immediately to get it treated. The player will not be able to return until the bleeding has stopped and the wound has been sufficiently covered and cleaned.


DRINKING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE PLAYING IS NOT PERMITTED! OFFENDERS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE LEAGUE WITHOUT A REFUND. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the indoor facilities, or on any of the outdoor courts that Invado Volleyball uses. No Exceptions

Violence policy/Unsportsmanlike Play

Invado Volleyball will not tolerate any violence in leagues, tournaments or events, therefore, to ensure the safety of our members we adhere to a zero tolerance policy. Invado Volleyball reserves the right to remove a player for the game, and/or suspend the individual up to and including the rest of the session depending on the specific nature and severity of the incident without financial compensation. This individual may be refused admittance to future events.

Care and Respect for Facilities

Please respect all the facilities that Invado Volleyball uses. Please use the trash cans provided and clean up after yourself, and your team. If we are using a school, please use the specified areas only, and do not wander the schools in areas other than the gyms. Showers are not provided.


NOTE: All players will be required to appropriately reply to the E-waiver sent to them via email in advance of the league start date.  In the rare instance that a player does not receive the E-waiver or cannot access it, there will be paper copies on-hand for the first night of each league for players to initial or sign.