Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Scared Hitless

Player Name Gender
Janelle D. Female
Krista F. Female
Sharon H. Female
Rita H. Female
Susan J. Female
Suzanne P. Female
Joanne D. Female
Aileen R. Female
Melissa T. Female
Tracy B. Female
Jenna P. Female
Julie D. Female

Team A

Player Name Gender
Melissa P. Female
Jacqueline T. Female
Emilee H. Female
Miranda C. Female
Isabella H. Female
Olivia C. Female


Player Name Gender
Lauren P. Female
Brianna B. Female
Jessica W. Female
Ceci M. Female
Sarah H. Female
Christy M. Female
Lee S. Female
Rachel G. Female

Spiked Bunch

Player Name Gender
Marcie S. Female
Michelle D. Female
Tracy L. Female
Erica M. Female
Trish R. Female
Karen S. Female
Caroline D. Female
Laura V. Female
Kate C. Female
Michelle G. Female
Rebecca T. Female
Annette D. Female

Orville Ready-Blocker

Player Name Gender
Laura C. Female
Laura E. Female
Kara S. Female
Ashley R. Female
Angela P. Female
Jasna D. Female
Kara B. Female
Ashley F. Female
Meagan V. Female
Alexis D. Female
Mallory S. Female


Player Name Gender
Laurie K. Female
Nancy M. Female
Karen T. Female
Jen B. Female
Anna K. Female
Heidi S. Female
Kathy M. Female
Monica T. Female
Kelly M. Female
Jenna M. Female
Karen O. Female
Mary I. Female

Courting Disaster

Player Name Gender
Jenna C. Female
Ali G. Female
Danielle L. Female
Michelle K. Female
Danielle H. Female
Kara R. Female

To Kill A Rockin' Serve

Player Name Gender
Ally R. Female
Christine C. Female
Mandy D. Female
Karena W. Female
Meghan H. Female
Karen S. Female
Chantal S. Female
Becky K. Female
Ellie P. Female
Richelle M. Female
Kathie D. Female
Jess F. Female

Setting Ducks

Player Name Gender
Brenda L. Female
Anielka L. Female
Nancy E. Female
Daphne S. Female
Arlen B. Female
Pam R. Female
Jhasna B. Female
Penny K. Female
Becky K. Female

Victorious Secret

Player Name Gender
Meg E. Female
Julie O. Female
Bianca K. Female
Krystin G. Female
Harp B. Female
Amy R. Female