Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

I Wanna Set You Up

Player Name Gender
Erica G. Female
Geoff P. Male
Jared R. Male
Kristina D. Female
Kyle D. Male
Micaela G. Female
Phil A. Male
Rebecca T. Female
Kristina D. Female
Stephanie M. Female
Jay D. Male

Team B

Player Name Gender
Fernando R. Male
Harry R. Male
Nick N. Male
Sarah D. Female
Sydney J. Female

Big Dig Energy

Player Name Gender
Kevin R. Male
Joshua C. Male
Evan R. Male
Dustin Y. Male
Shannon Y. Female
*Leanne S. Female
Basak K. Female
Josh G. Male
Sam S. Female

The Real Chewblocca

Player Name Gender
Alberto R. Male
Aaron V. Male
Valeria C. Female
Alex E. Female
Emily D. Female
Matt M. Male
Paul K. Male
Alexa C. Female
Andrew E. Male
Craig H. Male
Brittney S. Female

Team A

Player Name Gender
Delano N. Male
Naemi U. Female
Matthew T. Male
Emily P. Female
Alex P. Male
Nyasha K. Male

New Kids on the Block

Player Name Gender
Cody B. Male
Josh V. Male
Christian A. Male
Jordan E. Male
Jodi T. Female
Kara S. Female
Rebekah B. Female
Kelsey T. Female
Danielle G. Female


Player Name Gender
Stacey L. Female
Mary-Angela H. Female
Justin H. Male
Wayne V. Male
Angela H. Female
John L. Male
Noah L. Male
Janessa M. Female
Emily H. Female
Katherine M. Female
Ashley A. Female
Nick H. Male


Player Name Gender
Steve P. Male
April W. Female
Kevin W. Male
Simon H. Male
Claire H. Female
Gregary E. Male
Mark V. Male
Tracy V. Female
Lyn Z. Female
Jacob Z. Male
Katie P. Female
Megan H. Female

the Quaranteamates

Player Name Gender
Clayton H. Male
Monica B. Female
Saara V. Female
Sarah B. Female
Tim D. Male
Lisa S. Female
Liam S. Male

Hot Rods & Dad Bods

Player Name Gender
Deaghan T. Female
Jason M. Male
Jaymie L. Female
Jillian L. Female
Marinus B. Male
Sabrina G. Female
Stephen G. Male
David M. Male