IMPORTANT COVID-19 Protocols & Mandatory Safety Measures:
  • staff/players must stay home if they are sick or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19
  • mandatory daily health check-ins & assessments must be submitted on each game day prior to playing (electronic, quick, & convenient)
  • mandatory completion of COVID-19 E-waiver prior to league start date
  • balls must be submitted to convener(s) after each game for sanitizing spray & wipe
  • players should bring personal hand sanitizer as required (to avoid cross-contamination from shared bottles)
  • attendees must wash/sanitize hands before/during/after time slots
  • players must arrive and leave the courts as close to game start & end times (no loitering)
  • NEW - subs & back-up players ARE permitted to attend leagues this year
  • NEW - there are no caps on league sizes this year, but proper social distancing is required upon entry & exit & while waiting to sub-in, etc
  • NEW - each player may have up to 3 spectators attend each night
  • parents/spectators must stay a reasonable distance from courts and practice social distancing at all times
  • players are not to share water bottles or other personal items
  • handshakes, hive fives, huddles and other unnecessary & deliberate contact between players is not permitted
NOTE - unless stated otherwise, standard FIVB Beach 2s rules will apply for all Invado YOUTH Beach 4s leagues
  • teams may be co-ed or single gender
  • this league (like all Invado adult leagues) will be tiered for ALL levels of play
  • teams will move up or down among divisions (or tiers) based on how they played in the preceding week (so, parents - please be sure to check your start time online, each week, as it may vary)
  • teams are permitted to register with (or add) 2 additional subs or 'back-up players,' however weekly attendance will be limited to 4 players/team each night until further notice

During the pandemic, any roster updates can be made via email.  Please send an email containing your child's LEAGUE LOCATION & TEAM NAME along with the new player's NAME, GENDER, and PARENT/GUARDIAN EMAIL ADDRESS to 

Once the league e-waiver & Covid e-waiver have both been completed, the added player will be eligible to play in the league (weekly check-ins & screenings will be sent to all roster members)

To ensure that 'bad attendance' doesn't negatively & unfairly impact other players, teams missing 2 weeks of play (without sending back-up players) are subject to removal from the league - no refund will be provided

WEATHER POLICY - We play in rain, delay in lightning, and only cancel the night if all remaining games can't be played (in abbreviated 10-min time slots), before darkness

We rarely cancel games before we have 'eyes & ears' on-location, so please plan to be at the courts in time for your games - EVEN IF THE FORECAST OR WEATHER LOOKS BLEAK!  Because summer storms don't usually last long, our staff report to the courts and will commence setup when/if the weather is safe.  If games are delayed or interrupted by an electrical storm (i.e. visible lightning), then players should wait in a car (not on the sand or under a tree) until an Invado staff member indicates that the night is ready to resume or is being cancelled.  Players/parents are encouraged to follow us on Instagram'Like' us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, in order to find out the status of leagues when the weather is in question, as the night may be cancelled prior to the start of later time slots

Please note, too, that due to the problems caused by moving playoff dates (particularly in the busy summer months), we are unable to make-up nights lost to unsafe weather and unable to offer refunds to players/teams for such occurrences.  We pay our staff and rental fees on cancelled nights, so we appreciate your understanding the need for this policy.  Of course, if a number of nights are lost in the same league (or the playoffs are affected), we'll do what we can to make-up as many games, as possible

  • teams will play a total of 5 timed sets (games) per night
  • games will be timed at 15 minutes
  • teams must continue to play until the game ending whistle/alarm sounds (i.e. scores may exceed the standard beach volleyball limit of 21 points per set)
  • games will be self-officiated
  • Invado staff will be on-hand & circulating to handle any disputes or rule clarifications as they arise
  • teams must keep track of the game score through the use of the handy on-net Invado scoreboards provided (ideal for side-changes, too)
  • no ties are allowed - teams must serve out a final, deciding point, should the score be tied at the time of the final whistle/alarm
  • teams should change sides every 7 cumulative points scored (i.e. when the scores are multiples of 7…. or 4-3, 9-5, 12-9, etc.)
  • teams in lower tiers may decide to relax strict setting rules (i.e. sets with spin may be permitted if appropriate for both teams)
  • volleys travelling over the net to the opponent, however, must be 'clean' and without excessive spin (or double contact)
  • no open-hand tips are allowed (players may 'pokey,' punch, or roll, etc., but never open-hand tip the ball over the net)
  • players must be square to where the ball travels and/or lands when volleying the ball over the net (no sideways volleys allowed)
  • players must, also, be square to where the ball travels when they are hand-setting their partner
  • sets intended for partners, but blown over the net by wind, are permitted and still in play
  • players may not contact the net
  • players may cross under the net without penalty, unless contact is made with an opposing player
  • players may not volley, block, or attack the serve in any way
  • where there are no antennae provided, the posts will serve as the outer limits of where the ball may travel in the air
  • the block counts as a team 'touch' on the beach (i.e. if the ball touches the block, the team only has 2 more contacts to send the ball over)
  • players are not permitted to volley any first contact (whether on serve-receive or on first contact with a free ball)...this rule may be relaxed in the lower tiers or with younger players if both teams agree
  • players may 'beach dig' first contact during a rally (i.e. base of palms contact the ball in an overhead position - fingertips/pads are not the primary contact point)
  • teams playing in a higher tiers will receive additional points in the standings for each game played, to ensure that overall standings are reflective of the actual skill levels of teams (for playoff seeding)
  • as mentioned above, players & parents should check start times each week, as they may vary from week to week
  • all teams will qualify for league playoffs, to be held on the final date listed in the league 'Dates of Play'
  • again, only official roster members, including alternates (as listed at may participate in league playoffs
  • playoffs will follow a best 2/3 format with winning teams (only) moving on
  • champions will be crowned & prizes awarded for the winners of each division