Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Setting Ducks

Player Name Gender
Claire C. Female
Hannah N. Female
Lauren H. Female
Abby S. Female
*Lisa S. Female


Player Name Gender
Morgan S. Female
Ella C. Female
Kyla R. Female
Hailey M. Female
*Ava S. Female

Ildy Smash

Player Name Gender
Lucas D. Male
Matthew H. Male
Jamie R. Male
Liam G. Male
*Logan G. Male

Fabulous Four

Player Name Gender
Andrew W. Male
Andrew W. Male
Cameron U. Male
Brady B. Male
*Owen P. Male
*Marguerite P. Female

Sharks 2

Player Name Gender
Kyle M. Male
Dayton S. Male
Daniel S. Male
Preston J. Male
*Antonio C. Male

Wolf Pack

Player Name Gender
Max C. Male
Gabbie C. Female
Miriam B. Female
Samuel B. Male

Sharks 1

Player Name Gender
Arjun G. Male
Aidan H. Male
Marcellus R. Male
Cooper L. Male
*DJ F. Male

Serve It up Spice

Player Name Gender
Lilly S. Female
Kyanna C. Female
Ellyn M. Female
Breanne H. Female
*Marissa P. Female
*Avery V. Female

Scuba Squad

Player Name Gender
Dana S. Female
Lyndsay B. Female
Pihu S. Female
Claire M. Female
*Grace S. Female


Player Name Gender
Justin M. Male
Oscar W. Male
Sarah M. Female
Jack D. Male
*Damian W. Male
*Lucas W. Male

The 4 Imposters

Player Name Gender
Genevieve B. Female
Grace M. Female
Anisa I. Female
Bronwyn M. Female

Volley Girls

Player Name Gender
Julia M. Female
Ellisa M. Female
Olivia R. Female
Kylie J. Female
*Ava S. Female
*Kya M. Female
*Grace S. Female

Sugar and Spike

Player Name Gender
Madison H. Female
Olivia G. Female
Kaileigh D. Female
*Natalie C. Female
Lilly A. Female

EZ Pass

Player Name Gender
Addy H. Female
Ally H. Female
Livia D. Female
Maya P. Female

Big Macs

Player Name Gender
Carson F. Male
Cole F. Male
Andrew B. Male
*Charlie G. Male
*Diane G. Female
*Jared K. Male
*Anita K. Female


Player Name Gender
Rebekah V. Female
Claire T. Female
Katie E. Female
Kayla W. Female
*Carissa V. Female


Player Name Gender
Stefani L. Female
Despina L. Female
Christina S. Female
Honey Z. Female

Coyote Crushers

Player Name Gender
Anjna G. Female
Charlotte M. Female
Ally S. Female
Mackenzie P. Female
*Emma M. Female
*Gabe M. Male