Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team A

Player Name Gender
Carley A. Female
John B. Male
Alexis B. Female
Lorissa T. Female
Katie S. Female
Claire B. Female
Gerry B. Male
Trenten W. Male

Team D

Player Name Gender
Bethany S. Female
Miranda J. Female
Samuel V. Male
Julia S. Female
Natalia S. Female
Jonathan S. Male
Luke C. Male
Lindsey W. Female

Team B

Player Name Gender
Veronica M. Female
Jamie L. Male
Gisèle O. Female
Ryan O. Male
Nathan O. Male
Heather B. Female
Mark B. Male
Noah B. Male

Bumpin Uglies

Player Name Gender
Josh H. Male
Brittany A. Female
Vicky M. Female
Mitch D. Male
Adam D. Male
Tommy M. Male
Mary H. Female

Team E

Player Name Gender
Rachel G. Female
Donald M. Male
Matthew M. Male
Justine N. Female
Monica J. Female
Usman A. Male
Sylvia V. Female
Johanan D. Male

Team C

Player Name Gender
Dawn-Flora A. Female
Emily W. Female
Alex M. Female
Ken A. Male
Joel B. Male
Corey B. Male
Laura H. Female
Micah D. Male

The Good Enuffs

Player Name Gender
Mark F. Male
Dave S. Male
Tammy D. Female
Nancy M. Female
Marc H. Male
Gerry B. Male
Claire B. Female
Thomas B. Male
Alexandra F. Female

Courtice Cubbies

Player Name Gender
Connor C. Male
Jason W. Male
Jodi M. Female
Cory W. Male
Ryan W. Male
Thomas H. Male
Kaitlyn M. Female
Julianne W. Female


Player Name Gender
Mark G. Male
Michelle B. Female
MIKE W. Male
MONICA H. Female
RYAN R. Male
Laura A. Female

The Ball Busters

Player Name Gender
Jordan F. Female
Rachel G. Female
Joanna L. Female
Alexandra S. Female
Erin B. Female
Melissa B. Female
Rebecca P. Female