Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Team B

Player Name Gender
Astrid L. Female
David F. Male
Nikki G. Female
Taus G. Male
Brandon C. Male
Owen M. Male

Volley Llamas

Player Name Gender
Jimmy W. Male
Nicole P. Female
Alain P. Male
Carly T. Female
Chelsie G. Female
Jennifer C. Female
Veronique D. Female
Ainsley H. Female
Meagan D. Female

Team A

Player Name Gender
Thomas G. Male
Kailey F. Female
Jordan S. Male
Reiley D. Female
Hilary K. Female
Brian K. Male
Mitch A. Male

How I Set Your Mother

Player Name Gender
Luis M. Male
Lisa K. Female
Melissa K. Female
Julio S. Male
Josianne B. Female
Chris H. Male

French me

Player Name Gender
Amy C. Female
Olivier B. Male
Gabriel C. Male
Justin L. Male
Jeff D. Male
Vanessa M. Female
Hannah V. Female
Adrianne F. Female
Daniel T. Male

Mission Unblockable

Player Name Gender
Cameron Y. Male
Tyler K. Male
Morgen W. Female
Salman P. Male
Erin C. Female
Sarah D. Female

Team D

Player Name Gender
Nelson W. Male
Al A. Male
Alex R. Male
Laura B. Female
Nicole D. Female
Don O. Male
Erin S. Female


Player Name Gender
Robert A. Male
Steve K. Male
Chris G. Male
Jess K. Female
Alexa P. Female
Jac N. Female
Roger H. Male
Jaymie H. Female

2 Legit 2 Hit

Player Name Gender
Nic C. Male
Jordan T. Male
Benjamin V. Male
Micah R. Female
Mike P. Male
Elyssa D. Female
Alli M. Female

3 bump chumps

Player Name Gender
Craig S. Male
Ashley L. Female
Phil M. Male
Jade D. Female
Dustin C. Male
Arika M. Female
Jessie M. Female
Syd H. Female
Erin P. Female

The F-Bombs

Player Name Gender
Amanda K. Female
Jen R. Female
Kate S. Female
Nancy K. Female
Kyle S. Male
Aniya K. Female
Mike B. Male
Mike M. Male
Tanya P. Female

Safe Sets

Player Name Gender
Candace C. Female
Jeff M. Male
Kaitlyn D. Female
Mary D. Female
Nathan V. Male
Peter M. Male
Larissa A. Female
Brandon T. Male