Teams & Players


Players whose names have been 'greyed-out' have not completed the E-waiver. Captains: please login to edit your roster info or to re-send the E-waiver - thanks!

Serving Cerveza's

Player Name Gender
Alexa P. Female
Chris G. Male
Steven K. Male
Jessica K. Female
Jaymie H. Female
Robert A. Male
Ben S. Male
Monica G. Female
Roger H. Male

Volley Llamas

Player Name Gender
Maegan S. Female
Nicole P. Female
Alain P. Male
Chelsie G. Female
Veronique D. Female
Jimmy W. Male
Carly T. Female
Jennifer C. Female
Ainsley H. Female

Nice Sets!

Player Name Gender
Alex R. Male
Eliezer A. Male
Kiersta H. Female
Rich M. Male
Shannon G. Female
Shannon S. Female
Vanessa H. Female
Erin S. Female
Kevin K. Male
Matt D. Male

Team A

Player Name Gender
Duc N. Male
Annemarie H. Female
Carley B. Female
John M. Male
Mary Ann K. Female
Rachael B. Female
Marley Anne C. Female

Ball Busters

Player Name Gender
Aimee D. Female
Alexis D. Female
Brandy . Female
Danielle B. Female
Stef B. Female
Brittany B. Female
Stacey D. Female
Tiffany T. Female
Amanda M. Female
Laura G. Female

Kiss my Ace

Player Name Gender
Alicia B. Female
Brooke S. Female
Jenna H. Female
John L. Male
John N. Male
Mark L. Male
Sheldon L. Male
Karen H. Female

Cod Squad

Player Name Gender
Cindy S. Female
Jason G. Male
Justine B. Female
Rob B. Male
Stacey C. Female
Mike C. Male
Jana T. Female
Tim C. Male
Corena C. Female

Who's Coming Second?

Player Name Gender
Justin L. Male
Joey M. Male
Rebekah W. Female
Robin P. Female
Kenny P. Male
Cameron Y. Male
Gabrielle H. Female
Adam O. Male

The Revengers

Player Name Gender
Chris M. Male
Bre M. Female
Chris A. Male
Ricky N. Male
Przemek W. Male
Julie M. Female
Aaron Y. Male
Gabrielle H. Female
Crystale L. Female

Pardon my French

Player Name Gender
Adrien F. Male
Amanda L. Female
Devon W. Male
Elisse L. Female
Gabriel C. Male
Hannah V. Female
Liam B. Male
Daniel T. Male
Samuel B. Male

Free Ballin'

Player Name Gender
Martin R. Male
Chris B. Male
Corbin D. Male
Kate R. Female
Lauren H. Female
Rob C. Male
Stefanie R. Female
Morgen W. Female

Notorious D.I.G

Player Name Gender
Ashley S. Female
Kyle S. Male
Maria K. Female
Robin H. Female
Jen R. Female
Amanda K. Female
Aniya K. Female
Eric B. Male
Mike M. Male

How I set your mother

Player Name Gender
Josianne B. Female
Dexter K. Male
Melissa K. Female
Josh H. Male
Lisa K. Female
Julio S. Male
Luis M. Male

All Set

Player Name Gender
Taus G. Male
Astrid L. Female
Brent W. Male
Owen M. Male
Elyssa D. Female
Nikki G. Female
Ryan S. Male
Brandon M. Male

Some Spike It Hot

Player Name Gender
Dan B. Male
Brooke N. Female
Caroline W. Female
Declan G. Male
Melissa T. Female
Agnes B. Female
Danielle T. Female
Wendy N. Female
Ryan S. Male


Player Name Gender
Ainsley H. Female
Carly O. Female
Maverick (Adam) W. Male
Roger M. Male
Sarah A. Female
Vince M. Male
Bradley M. Male
Nicole K. Female
Jordan M. Male