Fall Learn from the Pros - Tyler Scheerhoorn (ages 12-17)


Invado YOUTH Instructional Leagues are a great way for players to learn & improve the fundamentals of the game from qualified adult coaches who have all played and/or coached in the OVA, OUA, or OCAA - and while there aren't any 'rules' for our instructional leagues, there are a few procedures and bits of info which would be handy for parents and players to know...

  • players will receive eight 1-hr sessions per season (barring any weather-related cancellations)
  • each week will consist of 35-40 minutes of skills, drills, and instruction, followed by 20-25 minutes of organized games
  • there will be a 'Skill of the Week' focussed upon each date
  • players will already be registered within the appropriate age groups and will be sorted, again, between/among the courts according to age & skill levels
  • should a player/parent feel they are in the wrong age group, simply email info@invado.ca and we'll arrange a move to a more appropriate age group/time slot
  • skills will be taught in small like-skilled groups and will be age-appropriate
  • to increase player engagement, game times will follow a 'Kings/Queen's Court' format (quick one-point rallies where the 'winners' stay on)
  • 3-on-3 & 4-on-4 will be the preferred team sizes, in order to maximize player involvement in each rally (6-on-6 can allow players to 'hide' or not touch the ball as frequently)
  • nets will be raised in between each age group/time slot, so that players will all be learning the game on the appropriate height net
  • for indoor leagues, proper indoor court attire is required (clean indoor shoes, warm-up pants/shorts, t-shirt, etc.)
  • for beach leagues, players should dress appropriately for expected weather conditions
  • players are encouraged to bring a clearly labelled water bottle & keep it nearby so that water breaks can be kept as brief as possible
  • parents are not required to stay, however, we do encourage parents to stay and watch each week (it'll make you want to play, too :-)
  • during winter months, players and parents are asked to ensure that outdoor (snowy, wet, muddy) shoes/boots are left outside the gymnasium
  • in the event of inclement weather, parents should check Invado's social media platforms to find about any cancellations
  • Invado is on TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - LINKEDIN - & FACEBOOK (use the links here and 'follow' or 'like' us to stay up to date)!