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4 months ago

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We're at it again!
We did it on the SNOW this past winter at Brimacombe...and now we're doing it on the TURF in Pickering, with a little help from our partners at the OVA.
Invado is pleased to announce that we have a full menu of adult & youth leagues on the TURF at the Pickering Soccer Dome as part of our 2020 Winter Session, including:
  • Mon Youth Turf Co-ed 4's (4 games/night for players ages 12-17)
  • Tue Adult Turf Co-ed 6's (4 games/night)
  • Wed Adult Turf MAX Co-ed 6's (6 games/night)
  • Thu Adult Turf MAX Co-ed 4's (6 games/night)

That's right - get your shoes on & your groove on with our newest league format, complete with great music, equipment, and four nights & formats to choose from (Mon to Thu)!

Check-out all our Pickering league options  RIGHT HERE and sign-up to GET TURFED with Invado in 2020!

See you in the DOME!