Summer Youth Beach PLAY Leagues!

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2 weeks ago

Barrie Beach Volleyball Barrie Youth Beach Volleyball Oshawa

Coming to BARRIE & OSHAWA - the follow-up Youth BEACH league you've been waiting for!  A place for players (ages 10-17) to PLAY the game and develop their abilities to move in the sand and get better at the game they love!  The summer is a great time for kids to get outside (put down those phones) and PLAY, so why not have them play on the sand with new friends & faces each week?  Invado's Youth Beach PLAY league offers players a chance to play quick, fast-paced ('King's Court' style) games against like-skilled players on a court designated for their age and skill group. 

On-site 'coaches' will periodically stop play to offer advice and tips for the players, but the emphasis will be on PLAYING as much as possible, so the kids can improve the best way possible - by DOING!  Games are slated to begin at 6:30pm, each week, however - should the numbers warrant - we may add a later time-slot (starting at 7:40pm).  So, register your child today (no partner or teammates required) and have them stay active, stay outside, and stay fit this summer!

ONLY $115 for 8 weeks of fun!