London ADULT Leagues - Fall 2020 Update

COVID-19 & Changes to London Leagues Share

6 months ago

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Hey London ADULT vball lovers!

Your fall leagues at Supreme are AVAILABLE NOW and organized with strict COVID-19 safety measures in place - including sanitized equipment, fewer teams (2 empty courts in each time slot), and caps on the number of individuals & staff in the building for each time slot.

Obviously, we've been preoccupied with a very busy and LATE RUNNING beach season in 2020.  We were fortunate to be able to launch our adult & youth beach leagues this year in most locations after having created our own 'Invado Safe Start 2020' BEACH safety protocols, in accordance with Ontario Volleyball's 'Return to Play' & Ontario Public Health documents.

Over the past weeks, we've also been working hard on INDOOR safety protocols so that we can SAFELY host leagues once again in several locations, including at Supreme Courts in London starting in October.

As mentioned above, limits on the size of indoor gatherings (50 max.) and other mandatory COVID-19 safety protocols will mean that the leagues will be different in 2020, but we're hopeful that things could change for 2021 -  as long as the numbers continue to trend in the right direction and the province continues to open up (cautiously).

So here are a list of changes we need to implement in order to meet Public Health & lease term limitations (as well as brief explanations, where required):
  • Each league night will be capped at 16 teams, in total (8 teams per time slot...6 players x 8 teams = 48 players/time slot)
  • No subs/spectators can be present on league nights (teams can have subs listed on rosters, but captains must ensure that ONLY 6 players attend each league night)
  • The limit of 50 individuals in each time slot will prevent us from having referees in 2020 (matches will need to be self-officiated)
  • Leagues will run for 12 weeks until the end of December 2020 (our current lease expires at the end of 2020 and there is a chance that 2021 could bring about more relaxed restrictions)
  • Players will need to confirm attendance on league dates and self-assess/safety screen (players will be emailed an electronic screening tool which will need to be completed by ONLY the players who plan to attend)
  • Mandatory COVID-19 e-waiver (additional, one-time, & mandatory e-waiver emailed out to all participants in advance of the start of the session)
  • Volleyballs sanitized after each match (used balls left with conveners for cleaning after each match)
  • Teams will play three 30-minute matches/night and each match will consist of 2 sets to 25, time-permitting (more accurate tiering as all teams will play each other in smaller 4-team tiers)
  • Start times for each time slot will remain at 7:20 & 9:00pm but late playing teams may not enter the facility until 8:55pm (10 min gap will be used to sanitize scoreboards, balls, and other equipment)
  • No time-outs will be permitted in the 2020 session
  • Players must wash/sanitize hands before and after time slots (hand sanitizer on-site, but players are encouraged to use a personal dispenser to avoid cross-contamination from shared bottles)
  • Players are not required to wear masks on-court, but must wear one inside the building when not in the court area/gymnasium (wearing a mask during physical exertion could lead to respiratory and other heat-related issues)
  • Players must arrive as close as possible to start times and leave as soon as games are finished (gaps between groups will need to be more pronounced to allow for vacation of the building and sanitizing of equipment prior to the late games)
  • Players are not to share water bottles or other personal items
  • Handshakes, hive fives, huddles and other unnecessary & deliberate contact between players is not permitted
We look forward to seeing everyone in early October and apologize for all the changes in 2020 - but of course - we need to implement them light of government and Public Health regulations. We'll do all we can to accommodate as many teams as possible on other nights (a new SUNDAY Women's 6s league has been added, for example), but please be sure to book your team spot on your preferred night as early as possible to avoid missing out on the SAFE return of volleyball in London!