Ka-WHY Not Play...& Get Paid?

$1000 CASH Prizes this Fall! Share

2 months ago

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Yep - it's true!  You, too, can get PAID like the Board Man, himself by doing what you do on the volleyball courts with Invado, this fall (no load management required)!
Not only do we have our LOWEST MAX LEAGUE RATES EVER, but we're also giving out $1000 CASH prizes to the winning TIER 1 teams in each of our MAX leagues (leagues with 6 games per night)! 
Of course, we'll still have great prizes for the winners of ALL our other tiers, too.
So, get your best crew together and see if you can win some swag and SERIOUS cash with us, this fall!  With deals and prizes like this, Ka-WHY wouldn't you come back to play with us...after everything we did for you...and because of all the special moments...and the parade...whoops!  Sorry - relapse.

Just SIGN-UP to play (and maybe get paid), okay?!?!