Invado Safe Start - Fall 2020 Safety Protocols

We'll Only Play the SAFE Way Share

1 month ago

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We've worked tirelessly to get our beach leagues up & running SAFELY in 2020 and now we're doing the same for all of our adult & youth INDOOR leagues as we get set to launch the Fall Session in October!
While we're still waiting on a few venues and facilities to give the 'green light,' you can register yourself or your child with peace of mind, knowing that we're doing everything it takes to keep our players safe and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
In case you missed our posts on Facebook & Instagram, here are the safety protocols we've implemented for the Fall Session:
  • masks are required upon entry and exit of the facility in all OFF-COURT areas (players are welcome to wear a mask when playing, but they are not required due to potential heat/respiratory issues that may arise during physical exertion)
  • mandatory daily check-in and self screening emailed to each league participant a few hours before league start times (any 'yes' response means that the individual is not permitted to attend)
  • caps on teams & players permitted in the facility during each time-slot
  • gaps between time slots to allow for easier social distancing and to ensure that Public Health cap of 50 individuals is not exceeded
  • caps on players permitted to attend on each league night (varies by location & format, but having subs in attendance on league nights may be discouraged or not allowed entirely)
  • no spectators will be allowed in gymnasium/court areas in smaller venues (some larger facilities with separate viewing areas may allow for limited spectators with masks)
  • sanitized volleyballs for each game and sanitized equipment between early & late time slots (another reason for the gap between time slots)
  • better court spacing and/or fewer courts in use (where possible) to keep players further apart
  • all matches self-officiated to help keep attendance numbers as low as possible
  • hand sanitizer provided on-site but players are encouraged to bring a personal supply to prevent cross-contamination from shared dispensers
So, come back and play the SAFE way with Invado, this fall in YOUR PREFERRED LOCATION...so far, we're approved to run & accepting registrations in
...with more locations expected in the coming days!