Invado Private Elite Training is Here!

Private Beach Training - Ages 12-17 Share

1 month ago

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You've been asking and we're happy to deliver, once again!  Invado is pleased to present the launch of our Private Elite Training Program (P.E.T) for beach volleyball athletes (ages 12-17) who are looking to take their games to the NEXT level!
The program affords beach players & teams the opportunity for highly technical, specialized, and customized instruction from one of our elite beach coaches, all of whom have PLAYED the game at the highest levels.  Once parents register their child online (players must register individually but with a partner named on their reg form), they will be connected with a qualified local coach in order to arrange dates & times for SIX 2-HOUR SESSIONS IN THE SAND with both players.  Depending on registration numbers & court availability in your area, small group sessions (4-6 players max.) may be organized.
Invado Beach P.E.T. have coaches available in the following cities (click on a location nearest you to register):
We're extremely excited about this latest addition to our youth beach volleyball programming and your child will be, too!  So, be sure to register your child before August 15th (final date to register) and watch your child improve dramatically from Invado's Private Elite Training!
NOTE - the rate listed on your registration page is for each player and includes 12 HOURS of personalized instruction.