Invado Leagues & Events Suspended Until Further Notice

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3 weeks ago

URGENT NOTICE - last updated March13, 2020
In light of the far-reaching and wide-scale closures caused by COVID-19, Invado Volleyball will be suspending all leagues, tournaments, drop-ins, and clinics, effective immediately and until further notice.  Of course, we are monitoring the latest developments in this situation and will be in-touch with all league members regarding possible league/event make-up dates, cancellations, and refunds, as applicable.  At this time, however, we know that Invado leagues & events will not resume until such time that publicly funded schools reopen and that the risk of contagion is reduced.
As a private organization interested in the well-being of our players, we know that physical activity is a great way to enhance an adult's or child's immune system and that people need moments of fun and joy in periods of mass panic such as this, however, we also have a social responsibility to help slow the spread of germs and bacteria during what will be a particularly nasty (and well-tracked) cold & flu season.
So, we thank-you in advance for your patience as we (and the world) work through this unprecedented set of circumstances.  We'll be in-touch with more updated information as we reach the end of the month.  In the meantime, please feel free to register for any upcoming spring & summer leagues. Should any cancellations of FUTURE sessions be required, we will be refunding everyone in full of course.
In the meantime, please avoid large social gatherings and please follow the same common sense principles which should guide each and every flu season:
  • wash hands frequently
  • avoid contact with the most vulnerable among us (seniors & young children), and
  • be sure to shower/launder clothing regularly

Stay well.

- Invado VB