Invado Inclement Weather Policy

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3 months ago

invado inclement weather policy invadovb


  • We play in rain, delay in lightning, and only cancel the night if all remaining games can't be played (in abbreviated 10-min time slots), before darkness
  • We rarely cancel games before we have 'eyes & ears' on-location, so please plan to be at the courts in time for your games - EVEN IF THE FORECAST OR WEATHER LOOKS BLEAK!  Because summer storms don't usually last long, our staff report to the courts and will commence setup when/if the weather is safe.  If games are delayed or interrupted by an electrical storm (i.e. visible lightning), then players should wait in a car (not on the sand or under a tree) until an Invado staff member indicates that the night is ready to resume or is being cancelled.  
  • Players are encouraged to follow us on Instagram'Like' us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, in order to find out the status of leagues when the weather is in question, as the night may be cancelled prior to the start of later time slots.
  • Please note, too, that due to the problems caused by moving playoff dates, we are unable to make-up nights lost to unsafe weather and unable to offer refunds to players/teams for such occurrences.  We pay our staff and still incur expenses on cancelled nights, so we appreciate your understanding the need for this policy.  Of course, if a number of nights are lost in the same league, we'll do what we can to make-up as many games as possible.
  • If the early time slot plays and inclement weather only cancels the later time slot, ALL RESULTS from the evening will not be recorded (as we cannot allow only half the league to gain points)

Hope that info helps...and rememeber - we NEVER cancel league nights in advance!