Fall 2021 ADULT League Update

We Hope To Be Back When EVERYONE Can Play Share

3 months ago

Invado Volleyball Adult Leagues Volleyball for All

As per the social media posts you may have seen, sadly Invado adult leagues will not be able to operate this fall for the first time since 2003.

Invado was founded in order to provide inclusive adult & youth leagues where EVERYONE is welcome to play.

While youth leagues, at present, do not require full proof of vaccination (and we are permitted to operate those leagues in the very few locations where gym time is available), we'll be stepping back from offering ADULT leagues & events until such time that everyone can play - again, not that facilities are easy to come by, anyway.

For those of you with Covid credits still on file with us from March of 2020, we'll be doing our best to process those as refunds as soon as our financial situation allows for us to do so.  Proof of refunds will be sent out to all registrants, as well - and we thank-you for your patience with that process, in advance.

We hope to see everyone back out on the courts and playing safely as soon as possible, like we have been from July 2020 to September 2021.  During that stretch, we've hosted thousands of players across several locations (indoor and on the sand) and we've had ZERO cases stemming from our leagues & events, thanks to the safety protocols we put in place, our conscientious & caring players, and - of  course - our amazing & hard-working conveners. 

WE have substantial data on volleyball participation and safety throughout Covid and WE know that it can operate safely AND inclusively - because we've been doing it successfully for over 18 months now...and over 18 years before that.

We know this message will anger some of you, but please understand that we started this business to provide a form of healthy escape for ALL players - not to 'police' their choices on behalf of the government.  Sadly, they've succeeded in driving a wedge between organizations such as ours and loyal patrons, as we all 'scream' at one another via social media & email.

Hopefully time will provide us all with some perspective, cooler heads, and more volleyball TOGETHER, down the road...but if you decide not to ever come back because of the predicament in which we've been placed, we understand that choice, as well.