Dec-Jan Mini MAX 4's!

Stay Fit, Stay Active, Stay AWESOME During the Holiday Season! Share

2 weeks ago

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Look, Oshawa - we get it!  You don't WANT to stop playing volleyball when the Fall Session ends but it's hard finding players who love the game as much as you do - especially during the hectic holiday season.  And - YES - we agree that the Winter Session seems so far away, but what can we do about that?

Well - we found the answer you've been looking for!  Our Dec-Jan Mini MAX 4's leagues are coming to Kingsway College on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays!

They're 'Mini' because they're only 5 weeks long (during Dec & Jan before our full Winter Session begins) and have a SMALL price tag...but they're MAX, because  you'll get to play 6 games a night!

Imagine - not getting rusty, sluggish, or out of shape during December & January.  Imagine - a format where you were always involved in the play, getting a lot of sets, and learning to read players and defend as though your volleyball life depended on it!  Well...you don't have to imagine anymore, because we just made your dreams an affordable reality.

Sign-up on your own (only $75), with a friend, or as a team (only $295) and brace yourself for the best INDOOR format you'll ever play (2 guys + 2 girls)!

CLICK HERE to start your Oshawa mini-MAX adventure today!