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1 year ago

Covid Guarantee Invado Volleyball Volleyball Leagues

Invado is pleased to announce that we'll be retaining our COVID-19 Cash-Back Guarantee for as long as the pandemic continues to be a factor in our programming.

Moving forward, you'll always be able to sign-up for any session with confidence, knowing that you'll be getting a full volleyball session OR your money back (for each date unable to be rescheduled) - GUARANTEED!

Disruptions & interruptions are definitely a necessary precaution in the current climate, but - as always - we'll make every effort to reschedule each date lost (i.e. start/end dates may change).  Of course, if we can't have sessions resume (or even get started in a timely manner), we'll be sending all team captains and individual registrants refunds for each date lost.

So, be sure to SIGN-UP FOR OUR NEXT SESSION TODAY...and do so without stress, fear, or worries about your VOLLEYBALL (or financial) future!