COVID Cash-Back Guarantee!

Let's Take Some Uncertainty Out of 2020 Share

1 month ago

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You're tired of all the uncertainty and so are we! 

Effective the fall of 2020, Invado has negotiated to receive refunds for facility rentals cancelled by COVID-19 - AND SO WILL YOU!  We refuse to be so unsure about everything we're doing in 2020 and now you don't have to be, either.  Sign-up with confidence knowing that you'll be getting volleyball in 2020 - or your money back...GUARANTEED!

It's been a tiring year with lots of uncertainty about what we can and what we can't do.  Will we lose money if we sign-up for that?  Should we buy this or that?  What if we spend money and need that money later?  Well - we were sick of all that, so we spoke to all of our facility providers and received written guarantees that we can get our funds back if leagues are cancelled in 2020.  Once they said yes, we were only too happy to provide the same assurances to all of you.

While we think that future disruptions are highly unlikely due to the safety protocols we've put in place (and which weren't in place last March when things shut-down), we're going to put our money where our mouths are so you can all PLAY, DE-STRESS, and confidently BOOST THOSE IMMUNE SYSTEMS with some physical activity before we kiss 2020 'good riddance!'

So, be sure to SIGN-UP TODAY...and do so without stress, fear, or worries about your VOLLEYBALL future!