BIG NEWS - Invado & OVA Partnership!

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9 months ago

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As we celebrate our 15th year, this month, we couldn't be happier to let you all in on some BIG NEWS!

Invado Volleyball has, officially, partnered with the Ontario Volleyball Association to improve and expand adult and youth volleyball leagues across the province!  The partnership will kick-off this summer, as both organizations work together to launch YOUTH and ADULT beach volleyball leagues at the OVA's new 8-court waterfront facility at the beautiful Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario (like & share this with all your volleyball-playing friends in and around Barrie, by the way).

NEW - the OVA has, also, come on-board as a partner at Invado's existing beach leagues at the Pickering Recreation Centre!  The OVA's inclusion means that the 5-court facility will receive a much-needed 'facelift' (more sand, better landscaping, and new posts & netting) and we'll be exploring the possibility of a significant expansion of the site by 2019!

The OVA and Invado VB have a shared vision to grow the sport across the province and make indoor and beach volleyball more accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels. We're excited for this partnership to grow & develop in the coming years - and hope to have you out on the courts with us, as we expand to new cities & sites across Ontario!