Barrie is Bursting

Saturday Adult Co-ed 6s Added in 2020 Share

3 weeks ago

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Well - it's happening...like the button on grandpa's pants after Thanksgiving dinner, our Barrie adult leagues are bursting at the seams and ready to explode!  What started as a small 2-court Sunday league with 8 teams in 2018 has grown into a 16-team monster league, from which we are turning teams & players away.  But, just as grandpa has some post-dinner sweatpants to accommodate rapid growth, we've added a SATURDAY co-ed 6s league to help make more room for more players & teams!

So, if you're in and around Barrie and never managed to make it in to our wildly popular Sunday Co-ed 6s league at Barrie North H.S. (registration for the Winter Session is open right now, by the way), you now have a Saturday afternoon option, as well!

As with all Invado leagues, our Barrie North H.S. location features 'floating tiers' (where teams move up or down among divisions based on results from week-to-week) and we have individual & team registration options available.

So don't be like grandpa and end up sleeping on the couch this winter.  Get up, get out, and get active with us on Saturdays and/or Sundays in Barrie!

For more info on all of our adult & youth volleyball leagues in Barrie, CLICK HERE...and we'll see you on the courts in 2020.